When it comes to irrigation systems, SERVITA Landscape is skilled at designing and installing the best in irrigation and sprinkler systems on your property. We are experts at creating just the right sprinkler systems that meets the needs of your landscaping lawn, shrubs and gardens. It is critical that you select the right sprinkler heads for your lawn and shrubs to ensure the correct coverage from your sprinkler heads. The sprinkler heads are an important system component, but the systems has many other parts including automatic and manual valves, and controllers and timers. To ensure that you have a high quality and reliable system we select the right components to give you highly effective sprinkler system. In addition, we will incorporate drip or trickle watering components where needed. The bottom line is that we will select quality sprinkler system components for your system to ensure years of trouble free operation. If you are looking to invest in a sprinkler systems we can provide free estimate and plan that will provide your lawn, shrubs and gardens the water they need to flourish. Call us today about your SERVITA Landscape and installing a sprinkler system on your property.


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