We want your residential or commercial property to always look good with healthy lawns, shrubs and trees.  Our yearly service programs provide the fertilizer, weed and disease control products to ensure your landscaping investment staying in great shape. We provide complete landscaping maintenance services including mowing, weeding, pruning and blowing and edging to make sure your poperty is picture perfect.


  • SERVITA Landscape is fully staffed, trained and equipped for any landscape management job.
  • We provide year-round lawn care for residential and commercial properties.
  • We protect our clients' lawns, trees and shrubs from invading weeds and plant diseases.
  • Our tree and shrub maintenance program ensures healthy plants and trees.  We protect and treat against shrub threats like the White Fly.

  • Our organic lawn and plant care service provides a safe environment for your family, while keeping your yard looking terrific.  
  • We are an active member of PLANET, an international landcare organization that educates, trains, and certifies that companies in the Landscape Industry conduct professional, effective, and evironmentally responsible landscape service.