SERVITA will be an active and interested partner in improving your property’s curb appeal and functionality. From a single restaurant to a homeowners association with acres of rolling landscape, our experience and professionalism will save you time, frustration and money.

SERVITA Landscape is a different kind of maintenance company. We know you expect dependable and trouble-free results all year long. We achieve this through our year-round and peak season staff of expert field and office professionals who understand your expectations.

From breathtaking floral displays to complete landscape construction to the emergency response you may need when storms and high winds plunge a tree across your main drive, SERVITA Landscape will develop an annual program of care that will keep you covered through every season.

Besides top performance, we also look, listen and respond. Regular inspections of your property are an important part of our full-service package. We check the condition of every part of your landscape to verify our own performance and to keep you informed of any special needs. Should you have a concern of any kind, we listen closely and respond fast to ensure your complete satisfaction.

SERVITA’s Commercial Account Program:

Simplified landscape property management for multiple locations.  A dedicated representative to meet all your commercial landscape management needs, that includes a 24-hour emergency response team.  Peace of mind that your entire commercial portfolio is maintained to the highest standards.

Complete Landscape Management

Specializing in commercial property curb appeal...

Trust all of your landscape needs to the professionals at Servita Landscaping.

Technicians are great at making your grounds look their best. We are not only concerned with what you can see today, but with the factors that control how your landscape will look in the future

Maintenance services:

Mowing - keeps your turf neat and attractive

Edging - keeps turf and plant borders defined

Pruning - promotes proper shape and good health

Trimming - provides the consistent look to a well-maintained turf

Debris Removal - keeps landscape clean

Shearing - the technique used to keep hedges uniform and provide a formal appearance

Weeding - routine removal of unwanted and undesirable plants


Design and Installation

Perception is everything to us. Landscaping your year-round needs.  Servita will give your landscape a fresh look that can change with the seasons.

Seasonal color services:

Custom color selection

Seasonal color rotation

Bed preparation

Annual and perennial plantings.

Pruning and pinching.


Fertilization and Pest Control

Providing proper nutrition while controlling insects, disease and weeds is vital to the health and appearance of your landscape.  Servita employs responsible Pest Management (PM) principles that are eco-friendly to our environment.

We offer the following seasonal services:

Fertilization that provides nutrients to promote health and vitality.  The highest quality products are selected to provide consistent and long-lasting color while meeting the nutritional needs of your landscape.

Weeding and suppression of undesirable vegetation.

Prevention and control of unsightly weeds will enhance the curb appeal of your property.  Pest Management and minimizing the impact of insects and disease on your landscape.  Controlling insects and disease is essential to a quality landscape maintenance program and in protecting the health and beauty of your plants.


Irrigation Management

Irrigation is the lifeblood to a landscape.  Automated irrigation systems require consistent upkeep to maintain maximum efficiency.

Servita will identify and recommend remedies for the following:

·       Poor design resulting in coverage deficiencies

·       Adjustment to heads for proper coverage to avoid wasting water

·       Setting time clocks to run at proper intervals

·       Replacement of non-working heads

·       Relocating heads to adapt to a maturing landscape

·       Repair of electrical and control valve issues

·       Monthly irrigation inspections (i.e. check for leaks, traffic damage, vandalism, power outages, component and/or control failures and head adjustments) are performed to evaluate optimum operation.


Tree Care

Keeping trees looking their best.  Trees are a large part of your landscape investment and proper and timely care will extend their lives and their appearance for years to come.

·       All large tree pruning is performed with consideration for the plant’s natural shape, growth habits and location.

·       Proper pruning can greatly improve the health and structural integrity of large trees.

·       Pruning mature trees can improve the safety, security and aesthetic appearance of your property.

·       There are many benefits to the pruning and proper care of trees, including light penetration to other portions of the landscape, eliminating obstructed views, improving sign visibility, minimizing risk of storm and/or wind damage and aiding in the control of pests


Additional Services

You are not expected to know the complex needs of your commercial landscape. That's our job. You can rest assured that Servita Landscaping has the knowledge & experience to keep your property beautifully maintained all year long.

Here are some of the select services Servita Landscaping offers:

·       Mulch
Mulch can be shredded or chipped types of wood, pine straw or artificial. It provides an attractive appearance around plantings if properly maintained and refreshed. The main benefit of mulch is to aid in moisture retention and weed suppression.

·       Landscape Renovation - The average life of a commercial landscape is 10-12 years. Renovations may include turf rejuvenation to improve lawns and the addition of annuals and perennials for seasonal color. Replacement of mature shrubbery may also be suggested to update your property's appearance.

·       Dethatching - Dethatching is the removal of an organic debris layer which forms below grass blades.



24-Hour Emergency Response Team

At Servita Landscaping, our client commitment goes far beyond a 9 to 5 workday. We provide emergency service during hurricane season, high winds, or accidents damage your landscape. Servita’s experienced technicians are dispatched within 24 hours or less. Minimizing property damage, restoring landscape and reducing liability, our comprehensive emergency response services include:


Debris Removal

·       Tree Trimming and Removal

·       Irrigation Lines / Sprinkler Heads

·       Replacement of landscape foliage



Pressure Cleaning Services

Keeping your property looking great is our goal, we offer residential and commercial pressure cleaning services.


A simple pressure wash will give a fresh look to almost any thing. Pressure cleaning is like scrubbing like you never done it before? You never know how dirty your property exterior is until it’s clean again.  The list of things we can power wash are almost endless however here are some of the thing we most commonly do:



Store Fronts


Drive Through

Walkways & halls 

Parking Garages

Parking Lots

Floor mats 


Paint stripping

Paint surface prep

Graffiti removal



Do you want an individual consultation?

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